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US Open - Yes, they can!

With 5 pairings fully sponsored by VICTOR in the five final matches of the US Open, no other brand came close to Team VICTOR this weekend!

After his victory against world famous Lin Dan on Wednesday (who retired after his drawback in the second set), the Korean athlete Lee Dong Keun (playing a Hypernano X 900) reached for the gold medal on Sunday and gained the title!

Another all VICTOR match was going on between the Malaysian Mixed Double Goh Liu Ying/Chan Peng Soon (who both ... (more)


Gold at the Squash British Open!

With the gold medal, won by Miguel Angel Rodriguez and the bronze medal awarded to Raphael Kandra, both players will go down in history: Raphael is not only the first German player ever to reach the semi-finals at the British Open.
He also beat the former world champion Nick Matthias [World Rankings: 11] and the No. 3 of the world Marwan Elshorbagy, rewarding him with his new PSA nick name: Giant-Killer Kandra!

In the semi-finals, both VICTOR players faced each other, ending with ... (more)


International Cooperation between Blau-Weiß Wittorf Neumünster and the french club St. Barthelemy

From the 28th of April till the 6th of May a group of 13 young badminton players and 4 coaches were in Neumünster for a visit  at our VICTOR cooperating-club Blau-Weiß Wittorf.

This international cooperation is a result of an idea which was generated in 2016.

Besides 20 hours of training, some cultural experiences were on the agenda. The 13 junior players were housed in host families appreciating sight-seeing in the neighbourhood and physical activities like ... (more)