Ochrona środowiska i warunki pracy

For our environment

VICTOR International controls its labour conditions relentlessly with the most modern techniques available. VICTOR Rackets LTD in Nanjing has its own production plant and engineers, it supports fair working hours, escape routes, air-conditioned rooms and modern working conditions, similar to those found in western industrial countries, and are standard for VICTOR.

On top of the strenuous internal controlling and testing, VICTOR also cooperates on sensitive products with the company Hanse Control. Sensitive or new products are tested accurately. Sub-contractors need to maintain the BSCI standards (fair working conditions / environment) or pass tests conducted by SGS, TÜV Rheinland or similar testing institutes. Environmental sustainability is another topic that VICTOR International takes very seriously. This includes not only the production process itself and the resulting goods (e.g. being non-toxic and well tolerated by human skin for example). Meanwhile VICTOR International is launching a 100% organic cotton product range meeting the Global Organic Textile Standard.

It is therefore no surprise given VICTOR’s high standards that the top class athletes, we support, are happy to use and promote VICTOR International merchandise. VICTOR is one of the world´s fastest growing indoor companies for many years. This could only happen if supporters, players, buyers are convinced by the quality and philosophy in the long run.

Certyfikat ISO 9001
Kontrola jakości certyfikowana z VICTOR Rackets LTD Nanjing.
Produkt testowany pod względem czystości, czynników zanieczyszczających i bezpieczeńtwa.
Business Social Compliance Initiative – Inicjatywa Społecznej Odpowiedzialności Biznesu. Certyfikowana współpraca z najważniejdzymi podwykonawcami.
Materiały organiczne zgodne międzynarodowymi standardami.
Ochrona środowiska i warunków pracy.
Ochrona środowiska i warunków pracy.