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WSF World Doubles Championships 2017 - Manchester

The World squash double - Championship were held from the 1st to the 5th of August  in Manchester / England.

Squash double is the supreme discipline in the competition of squash sports, due to the fact that 4 players fight with this small ball in a tight space to achieve best results.

Due to the increased risk of being hit by a ball or racket, it is obligatory to wear a squash goggle for protection.

In the home country of the squash sport, the best players in the world met to find their champions in the team competition.

Since 2016, VICTOR has formed partnerships with the Australian and Colombian associations.

And VICTOR is the textile supplier for the national teams.

The two teams played at the very highest level however the Colombians participated not at full strength. Because their figurehead, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, completely equipped by VICTOR, was playing at the World Games in Poland at the same time.

But the Australian team was able to mobilize all world-class players, including Donna Urquhart (WRL 18), Rachel Grinham (World Champion 2007), Ryan Cuskelly (WRL 14), Cameron Pilley (WRL 18) and David Palmer (2-time world champion 2002 and 2006) and in the end, the Australian doubles can look forward to a total of three medals!

Gold medal in the men’s doubles: Ryan Cuskelly and Cameron Pilley

Bronze medal in the women’s doubles: Donna Urquhart and Rachel Grinham

Bronze medal in the mixed doubles: Rachel Grinham and David Palmer

We congratulate the Australian teams on these great successes!