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SKYCITY New Zealand Open 2017

The SKYCITY New Zealand Open 2017 was held in Auckland from the 1st to 6th August.

In the men's singles competition, the top seeded Tzu Wei Wang, unfortunately, failed to meet his goal. The fully VICTOR-equipped Taiwanese lost in the final with 21-11 15-21 20-21 conceivably short against Lee Cheuk Yiu from Hong Kong.

Two more VICTOR players reached the final in the men’s doubles competition. Ong Yew Sin and Teo Ee Yi from Malaysia played against Chen Hungling and Wang Chi-Lin from Taiwan and unfortunately could not get through.

In the end they earned the silver medal.

But finally in the women’s doubles competition a gold medal for VICTOR was celebrated. Before Vivian Hoo and Whoon Khe Wei, who are fully equipped by VICTOR, were able to enjoy the top podium place,

they also delivered a highly dramatic final with the Japanese  Ayako Sakuramoto and Yukiko Takahata. Our Malaysian women’s double was able to get through with 18-21 21-16 21-19 and win the first gold medal since the year 2014!

We congratulate our players on these great successes!