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VICTOR well on the way to worldvide VICTORy

The two exceptional athletes TAI Tzu Ying from Taiwan and SON Wan Ho from South Korea are currently the yardstick of all-end... in badminton.

Both have been sponsored, guided and equipped by VICTOR for many years.

TAI Tzu Ying has been the undisputed No. 1 in the women's single since the beginning of 2017.  
She won 5 consecutive SuperSeries tournaments this year and has currently a comfortable lead in the World Rankings.

SON Wan Ho is on a similar level this year and has made the breakthrough and the jump to the top of the World Rankings in men's single.

He plays on an incredibly high and constant level and he well-deserves the No. 1 position in the world since June.

The whole VICTOR team worldwide feels very proud that the cooperation with our athletes is so successful and that the hard work now pays off.
Best material, best products are achieved and beeing acknowledged overall. This is satisfying by all means.

We are looking forward to the upcoming performances and successes of our exceptional athletes.