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Chinese Open 2017

The Chinese Open 2017 were held in Taipei from 27th June to 2nd July.

Lee Zii Jia, equipped by VICTOR, fought his way into the men's semi-final. Two other VICTOR players, Tzu Wei Wang and Jeon Hyeok Jin, played an exciting game that Tzu Wei Wang won. In the final against CHOU Tien Chen, he had to settle for a silver medal.

In the women's singles, the Malaysian-born Goh Jin Wei reached the semi-final in two sets. However, their opponent Seana Kawakami was able to win the semi-final in two sets 21-17 21-17.

Lee Jhe-Huei won the second place with his partner Lee Yang in the men's double competition. Unfortunately, they could not win against Chen Hungling and his partner. The VICTOR players Kah Ming Chooi and Low Chuan Shen also played in the semi-final.


In the women's double competition, Hye Rin Kin, with her partner Yoo Hae Won could prove themselves against the double Kim Ha Na and Hee Yong Kong in two sets and moved into the final. There the Koreans lost against the strong Chae Yoo Jung and Kim So Yeong. All three teams are fully equipped by VICTOR and dominated the field.

Seung Jae Seo and Kim Ha Na from Korea were pleased with the first place in the Mixed. Choi Sol Gyu finished third with Chae Yoo Jung.

We congratulate our players on these great successes!