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VICTOR with over 20% growth in 2016

After many years of double-digit growth, the year 2016 sticks out with over 20% growth.

"The demand for VICTOR products is unbroken dynamically", says executive director, Jan Beutler. The reasons are not only the strong increase in sponsored tournaments and world class players and teams world-wide, but also in the enlarged range with top products leading to Olympic titles and championships.

The current ladies' number one in the world, Tai Tzu Ying, is also fully equipped by VICTOR.

The quick service and the permanent readiness for delivery lead to splendid growth rates in some countries and also the fan community is growing. This is also reflected objectively in the social media statistics showing doubled activity.

Consolidation now?

"No-quite the contrary!", says GF Jan Beutler. "Demand is so strong, we remain optimistic and will push the gas pedal in 2017, too!"

In this spirit, we would like to thank our friends and our trading partners for a nice year 2016 and best wishes for the coming year 2017.