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VICTOR Brave Sword LYD

Lee Yong Dae participated in the development of this top racket and loves playing it. I tallows an unprecedented explosive force clearing the way for the winner's dynamic speed. High quality racket for successful careers like the one of superstar Lee Yong Dae. Available in two different designs.

Product Specification

  • Material: Ultra Hi-Modulus Graphite + Nano Resin
  • Headshape: isometric
  • Weight: abt. 92 g
  • Gripsize: G2
  • Balance: Balance
  • Stiffness: Steifheit
  • Max. String Ten.: abt. 13 kg
  • String: unstrung - VS 850 Set white
  • Holes: 72 (stringing pattern)
  • Extra: BS, Nano Tec, shockless, Inside Wave Magan®
  • Bag: thermobag