• Signature Shot
  • VICTOR Hypernano X 800
  • VICTOR SH P9200M
  • Jetspeed S12
  • Catalogue 2016
  • Sportswear 2016
  • Squash
  • ASHAWAY SuperNick ZX

++VICTOR News++

  • Celebrating a ten years-jubilee with the 11 times Champion!
    Celebrating a ten years-jubilee ...

    VICTOR and Velo extended their partnership! The 11 times and current national ... more

  • VICTOR and Kai Schäfer continue close partnership!
    VICTOR and Kai Schäfer continue ...

    Kai Schäfer, VICTOR player for many years, is one of the best Badmintonplayer in the men's single ... more

  • Kasper Antonsen - newest member in the VICTOR family!
    Kasper Antonsen - newest member ...

    VICTOR proudly presents and announces top- player Kasper Antonsen as a new member.  intermediate ... more